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Establishment & Registration

ROC certificate in case of Limited/Private Limited Companies

Details of Directors/ partners : Articles of Association / Partnership deed preferred)

Business license (Corporation, Municipal/Panchayath)

Sales Tax (TIN) Registration Certificate

PAN Card (Company & Individual)

Operational Credibility

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Details of min. 5 successful reference projects (Minimum Total value to be 10lakhs)

Declaration about any related closed /pending litigations (cases)


As per our Byelaw, we have two categories of membership - Life Membership and Ordinary Membership.

Life members are liable to pay the prescribed admission fee which is fixed by Governing Council from time to time. The fees shall be Rs.25,000+ GST and an annual subscription of Rs.6000 (3yrs ) for the time being. Only Life members will have voting power and can be elected to the Governing Council.

Ordinary members shall pay only the admission fee of Rs.5000 + GST and an annual subscription of Rs.6000 (3yrs) and are liable to be varied GST @18%.

Please provide a passport size photo also.

For the ordinary membership total payment is Rs. 11900.00 and for the life membership, it becomes Rs. 35,500.00. Request you to transfer the amount to the Kreepas account.