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Rev Fr Dr George Pittappillil


Kerala Renewable Energy Entrepreneurs and Promoters Association (KREEPA)

Kerala Renewable Energy Entrepreneurs’ and Promoters’ Association (KREEPA), the first registered association in India in Renewable Energy Sector, was pioneered by 15 active renewable energy stake holders in Kerala under the patronage of Renewable Energy Centre, Mithradham, Chunagamvely, Kochi, the first fully solar educational institution in India, as early as 2005. At a time when investment in renewable energy was considered a reckless passion, these pioneers dared to cross raging seas rampant with fossil energy pirates that looted all hopes for a renewable energy future. Tornados of scandals tossed their life boats up and down slashing their entrepreneurial spirit to the point of sinking. The only hope was sticking together. The initial years of KREEPA taught the members to hope against hope and find success through sharing. Now, after 18 years the institutional membership of KREEPA has grown considerably. The fundamental principle that “life is all about sharing” still powers its engine to overcome the harshest weather in its path forward.

KREEPA members are active in all sectors connected with renewable energy, especially solar energy. Most of its members are involved in solar PV installations both large and small. Some members are active all over India and a few outside India. Our dream is solar on every Kerala roof top in the near future. Our members are also involved in manufacturing, wholesale and retail sales, servicing and maintenance and education and training. KREEPA insists on quality at the optimum price.

Our customers are our bread givers. We consider members’ individual businesses and KREEPA activities as bridges to build lasting connections with the people. We strive to make all these a sharing experience for us and our customers. Together we can move to zero carbon emission as envisaged by our prime minister.

Renewable energy capacity in India has increased by 250% between 2014 and 2021. The Central Electricity Authority estimates India's power requirement to grow to reach 817 GW by 2030. As of January 2022, India’s installed renewable energy capacity stood at 152.36 GW, representing 38.56% of the overall installed power capacity. Power generation from renewable energy sources stood at 13.15 billion units (BU) in January 2022, up from 11.51 BU in January 2021. With a potential capacity of 363 GW and with policies focused on the renewable energy sector, India is expected to become an important hub for renewable energy by 2030.

There are a number of reasons for each one of us to go for renewable energy. The most important of all is the climate concern. In a connected world, our health, happiness, economic development, wellbeing and life expectancy are all closely related to climate. The second important reason is the fast entry of Electric vehicles, the Induction cooker, Air conditioning equipment and many other utilities to our daily lives. They will all need electric power. As the market expanded and research and development output increased, with new manufacturing technology and efficient logistics, the price of solar system has considerably reduced. All governments have plan to considerably reduce and even ban the use of fossil energy. This means that it will be mandatory for everyone to move to clean energy. Now is the right time to invest in the most important necessity of our life, the energy. Why to wait? Go for solar at the earliest. Make KREEPA your partner for anything connected with Renewable Energy.