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Kerala Renewable Energy Entrepreneurs & Promoters Association

Biju Gopi

Thejus Solar Power Solutions

The rays of Sun " Suryarasmi" is the most abundant source of energy available free of cost in this world, which energises the team "Thejus Solar". Solar power is the clean, sustainable and reliable source of energy. In Vedas "Suraya Namaskar" has been depicted as salute to the sun, here we the team of "THEJUS SOLAR" also salutes the never ending energy provider. To reduce pollution, carbon emission, global warming and to prevent the consequences of climatic changes we should harness the unlimited power of Sun. We " THEJUS SOLAR" are on the move to harvest the unlimited energy of sun which can be efficiently utilized for our day today activities. Our team of hardworking engineers and technicians are able to harvest the power of Sun and are able to implement solar power projects in residential and commercial sector with utmost understanding of customer requirements and tailormade solutions. We the team of "THEJUS SOLAR" believes excellence in quality and dedication to service to provide a greener, sustainable and cost effective energy creation to the increasing energy need of our beautiful state, Kerala. We believe in values as flexibility, speed, trust, reliability and long term relationship with our valued customers.